Risking it all and moving to London!

I am currently sat in the city library trying to write my essay but also trying to find every distraction possible. It led me to the path of wanting travel more in 2018 with the only thing stopping me is my dream and mission to move to London by the end of the year.  Continue reading “Risking it all and moving to London!”


Christmas Eve in Sweden | BLOGMAS DAY 24

Merry Christmas everyone! Or God Jul as we say here in Sweden. While the rest of the world are eagerly waiting for tomorrow and Christmas Day, I’m getting ready to celebrate Christmas. Yup, you read that correctly, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas EVE! Maybe we’re eager, or you’re just not smart enough to celebrate it a day early, but in Sweden, we celebrate on the Eve.

Continue reading “Christmas Eve in Sweden | BLOGMAS DAY 24”

My 2018 Travel Wish List | BLOGMAS DAY 21

We are THREE days away from Christmas! I am way too excited for this day, I genuinely feel like a little kid again. I guess it’s a mixed feeling of Christmas being the celebration of the year coming to an end and Christmas being a time to hang out with family and receiving gifts, eating good food and having a great time. I’m super excited for all of it but I’m also super excited for next year!  Continue reading “My 2018 Travel Wish List | BLOGMAS DAY 21”

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