About Me


I’m Hannah.

Not actually a giraffe but tall enough to pass for one!

I’m a Swede living in London with a dream to one day work on film sets. Apart from this blog I also have a YouTube channel for a more visual insight into my life so do make sure you check that out!

On here I post honest reviews, unfiltered thoughts, and anything that’s got to do with being a twenty-something. I want this to be a go-to space for everyone to learn from my mistakes, a silly little blog that perhaps one day will be bigger than it is today.

Everyone loves a fun fact so I’m going to give you five. I’m incredibly afraid of heights. Halloumi is the best cheese. J├Ągermeister and coke is my go-to drink. Take That are my favourite band. I once asked Gillian Anderson to punch me in the face.

That is all for now. Don’t forget to find me on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Until next time, stay safe out there.