BAFTA Sex Education Screening Recap

The other day I had the incredible opportunity to attend a BAFTA screening of the first episode of Netflix’s Sex Education followed by a Q&A with the creators and cast.

I’ve made a video review on my YouTube channel which will be linked here, where I talk about my thoughts on the new season and have attached a few clips from the Q&A.

Laurie Nunn, Ben Taylor, Asa Butterfield, Ncuti Gatwa, Gillian Anderson, Emma Mackey, and Patricia Allison during the Q&A.

I’ve not gone to many screenings but have made it my mission to do to more this year as it’s such a great insight to the thought that goes into the production but also how the actors prepare for their characters.

Director Ben Taylor discussed where he took inspiration from when creating the vibe of the series and talked about his frustrations growing up and there not being any good British high-school dramas on TV and film. This definitely explains the funky hybrid American/British aesthetic of Moordale Secondary – i.e. the very non-British jocks vs. the very British lingo.

Something I found incredibly interesting was the intimacy director they have on set which helps set the tone and create comfortable and appropriate work conduct when it comes to the intimate scenes. Gillian Anderson, a veteran when it comes to television, explained the importance of having such a person on set in this day and age and especially on a show like Sex Education.  Patricia Allison excitedly talked about how great it was to have someone who knows the direction of the scene and explained how David Thackeray would direct it as “we’ll start with a 2 orgasm and then go up to a number 4 before going to an 8, allowing it to be more of choreography with beats than an awkward intimate moment.

Gillian Anderson shared her thoughts on whether she knew the show was going to be a success and how despite her decade experience she didn’t know until it after it had become a success that it was actually going to be as huge as it was.

I too had the opportunity to ask, what would be the last question and I wondered about the casting of a Swedish actor and the idea of making Jakob Swedish – whether it had anything to do with the openness to nudity and sex which is ingrained in the Swedish culture. It was interesting to hear that it wasn’t at all planned and that it was a last-minute casting. Originally Ola was meant to speak Swedish which was quickly put to rest as Mikael Persbrandt insisted Swedes would know she wasn’t a Swedish speaker and that we wouldn’t be impressed. A truth.

The Q&A was then followed by a drinks reception where I didn’t expect the cast and crew to stick around but they did so I had a fun chat with Trish who plays Ola saying I should teach her Swedish. And then I mustered some courage to talk to the creative director of the production company behind the series which was a very inspiring chat!

Overall it was an incredible evening and I can’t wait for the next opportunity to attend a BAFTA screening.

Until next time. Stay safe out there.

The wonderful Ncuti Gatwa!

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