Review: To All the Little Girls (2018)

“To all the little girls watching…never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

The world post-November 8th 2016 has been a world where the leader of one of the most powerful nations is a misogynistic, racist, and outright unqualified white man. It has also been one filled with feminism, activism, and a continuous fight for equality.

This fight for equality is inspiring but at the same time terrifying. Why must we, in today’s society of 2018 have to fight for equal rights especially in a country so outspoken about their ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ when we should already be there? And how was a misogynistic, racist, and unqualified white man elected president in one of the most powerful countries in the world? How is he the person who decides when nuclear war happens? Surely that does not seem right.

“My activism went from casual to serious on November 9th [2016].”

In this post-2016 US election world that we live in, there is an unacceptance of the crude men in power and lack of representation for all. In a world of fake news, Russian bots, and lies in every corner of the internet it was a breath of fresh air when my dear online friend Rebecca Morgan Brubaker released her documentary To All the Little Girls this week.

As the first female presidential nominee and winner of the public vote, Hillary Clinton became historical. She also became the hero to many women and men of all different ethnicities, disabilities, sexual orientations, and economic backgrounds.  To All the Little Girls depicts the many ways in which Hillary Clinton gave hope to women and girls in America, and across the world, that one day there will be a female President of the United States.

To All the Little Girls is not a film about loss, despite its hero Hillary losing the presidential election. This is a documentary about hope, activism, pride, and the future. It is about how little girls all across the world have been missing a role model and lacked representation in the highest of offices.

Q: “Why is representation so important to you in breaking down barriers?” Hillary: “If you can’t see it how can you believe it and how can you apply it to your own life?”

The title of the film is taken from Hillary’s concession speech, it was directed to all the little girls across the world and was a powerful message filled with hope and confidence that the future lies in the hands of every young girl out there. That the future is indeed female and that every woman is valuable.

The main theme in To All the Little Girls is Hillary Clinton as a role model, how she did not keep quiet about moments such as Black Lives Matter and the Flint water crises but also about how strong she was while public scrutiny towards her came in like a hailstorm. Through supporters, friends, activists, and politicians the documentary gives voice to the girls and women who were inspired by Clinton’s presidential run and how important this historical moment was.

“She makes me feel anything is possible. Watching her made me feel like my dreams had validity.”

Although Hillary Clinton has the leading role it is not her future that is the main focus of the film. This is not a story about “What will Hillary do next?” instead it is a film directed to all the little girls that they too can run for president, that they too can make history, and that they too can be anything and anyone they want to be.

To All the Little Girlis an incredible debut from Brubaker as she delves into a story close to her heart and gives hope to all the young women who are searching for a guiding light in this dark world. With Hillary Clinton as her heroine, Brubaker highlights the importance of activism, representation in politics, and the ongoing daily misogyny that women face.

Despite being faced with hackers trying to stop the release of the documentary, Brubaker channels her inner Hillary Clinton and produces an astonishing piece of documentary which will carry through the decades. In this short film of hope girls all across the world will see that it is possible to stand up for what is right, it is possible to make a difference, and it is possible to run for president of the United States of America as a woman.

Hillary Clinton’s loss of the presidency was not a downfall. It was the spark that let aflame a fire within millions of supporters of equality. Hillary Clinton became historical in her run for president and with it became the hero and role model of little girls all around the world.

To All the Little Girls is available for free online streaming at so make sure you head over there and support Rebecca’s documentary.

The quotes used in this post are taken from the documentary.

To All the Little Girls



20 thoughts on “Review: To All the Little Girls (2018)

  1. This is such a great review and now I really want to watch the documentary. It sounds really motivational and inspirational. I love the message that every girl/woman is valuable and can really make a difference. Thank you for sharing ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  2. YES A MILLION TIMES YES! great post, it’s so upsetting to me seeing how much our country has backtracked. it baffles my mind at how our leader thinks he can get away with the things he says. I’ll have to check this documentary out as a hillary voter myself. As crazy as it is that we have to fight for the equality in 2018, I hope she continues to show young girls to never let a man make them think they are “less than”

    Mich |

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  3. It’s documentaries like this which we need more of. It sounds so inspirational, especially for younger girls who grow up surrounded by patriarchy. This review is amazing, definitely going to check the documentary out!

    Evie x |

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